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Climate Endowment Group to enter Next Growth Stage - Climate Endowment

Climate Endowment Group to enter Next Growth Stage

Climate Endowment Group to enter Next Growth Stage

Climate Endowment Group (CE) was established over a year-and-half ago.

To accelerate, with next COP26 in mind, CE is adapting its governance and is about to welcome new shareholders. This brings with it a need to change the initial partner structure.

John Moorhead (President of Drawdown Switzerland and Climate Endowment’s Chief Impact Officer) and Markus Hasinger (Co-Managing Director together with Patrick Horend and Chief Operating Officer of the Group) join as new shareholders.

In addition, Climate Endowment is in discussion with several investors (both globally experienced investment professionals and existing partners) for a capital round in the near future to win additional partners for the implementation of its ambitious strategy to scale up Impact Investment.

Climate Endowment over the last 20 months has created plenty of momentum in the market. The new partners are committed to continue on the chosen path. The goal is to develop Climate Endowment into one of the leading Impact Investment asset managers in Europe together with its strategic partners.

Jochen Wermuth, one of the initiators of CE, has been relentlessly focused on advancing the urgently needed measures to combat climate change and contribute to achieve the 1.5 Degree target agreed at the Paris Climate Summit.

With the German elections for a new federal government just ahead, he launched an all-party election call named “Economy for Change” (www.Wirtschaft-fuer-Wandel.de), which has already been supported by 30+ prestigious family entrepreneurs.

With regards to the legal operations of the company Patrick Horend (Head of Investment Structuring) and Markus Hasinger (COO) will continue to be responsible for the company’s business as managing directors. As a partner and founder, Philippe Desfossés (Ex-CEO of the French Public Service Additional Pension Scheme ERAFP) will continue to support CE in an advisory capacity. Obliged to scale back his activities for family reasons, he should be able to take an official position at CE at the end of autumn 2021.

Climate Endowment’s strategy continues with its two proposed funds to investors, the CE Hydropower and the CE Forestry Fund. Two attractive options to investors eager to reduce the carbon footprint of their portfolios. CE Hydropower aims to invest into run-of-river power plants across Europe generating the most “decarbonized” electricity. CE Forestry proposes to invest in the most efficient natural carbon sinks: sustainably managed tree plantations. With the implementation of these decisions, Climate Endowment enters the 2nd phase of its corporate development. The new partners strengthen expertise and expand the international network of CE to further develop and expand the long-term solidity of its ambitious growth plans.