John Moorhead from Drawdown Switzerland to join Climate Endowment Group as Chief Impact Officer

John Moorhead from Drawdown Switzerland to join Climate Endowment Group as Chief Impact Officer

Munich/Berlin, January 2021 – The Climate Endowment Group (“CE”) is proud to announce that John Moorhead is joining the team as Chief Impact Officer. John will be leading the CE’s Impact team and the impact process for all CE funds. He will provide strong research-and- science-based direction to the overall Impact strategy and vision for Climate Endowment’s mission to provide institutional investors with climate & SDG positive long-term profitable investment opportunities.

John will assist Climate Endowment Group in developing a diversified Global fund that produces the same or similar impact as Project Drawdown (and other 1.5-2°C warming compatible researched solution frameworks), to achieve carbon neutrality and global warming reversal by 2040.

CE’s founders say John Moorhead “adds a strong foundation to our Impact Investing approach with his understanding of and experience in sustainability, climate solutions and systems thinking on the impacts and co-benefits that go beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions to also impact SDGs achievement. We are delighted to have John in the Climate Endowment team to support us in our mission and practical execution of Impact Investing principles on the day-to-day basis.”

He will engage with Swiss institutional investors to re-allocate from high carbon to low carbon and carbon sequestering investments offered by the Climate Endowment Group.  John will also support the Climate Endowment Group to become a Certified B Corp

John will continue to participate in translating research into climate action at Drawdown Switzerland, as a Climate Reality Leader, an advisory board member of Climate and Sustainability, a board member of the Drawdown Europe Research Association and at Gallifrey in the field of education with its Carbon free Campus and Plastic Free Campus initiatives.