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How much has really changed since back in 1992?

More than two decades ago – long before Greta Thunberg – the young Canadian Severn Suzuki was the girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes at the 1992 UNCED. Severn was 12 years old when she made a passionate plea to the world leaders to avert ecological disaster and so prevent species extinction and global warning. The world might have listened, but how much has really changed since then? 

See for yourself…

“How to lower the carbon footprint by over 50%?” with Mats Andersson

Mats Anderson was the CEO of the Swedish pension fund AP4. There he set up a carbon divestment strategy. In this interview, that was done during the Berlin Green Investment Summit he explains how he set up a strategy to reduce the carbon footprint.

“Make money, do good and have fun?” with Jochen Wermuth

With this speech Jochen Wermuth of Wermuth Asset Management opened the Berlin Green Investment Summit 2019. Here Jochen outlines the agenda of the conference and talks about market forces behind climate solutions: students, scientists, entrepreneurs, investors with $29 trillion under management, market forces and social media are driving climate solutions and an irreversible global “impact revolution” – in spite of lack of action from policy makers and resistance from old industries.

“Why 25 climate endowments?” with Patrick Horend

In this talk held during the Berlin Green Investment Summit Patrick Horend of Wermuth Asset Management gives insights into the plan to creat 25 climate endowments to tackle climate change.

“Was machen die Konjunktur, die EZB und der Euro?” with Dieter Wermuth

In diesem Sommerinterview haben wir mit Dieter Wermuth gesprochen. Er veröffentlicht im Herdentriebblog immer wieder spannende Einschätzungen zu Bonds, Aktien, Notenbanken und mehr. In diesem Gespräch haben wir uns mit ihm genau über diese Themen unterhalten. Es ging auch um weitere Fragestellungen, wie die Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) oder die Frage nach japanischen Verhältnissen in Europa.

“Working for the climate endowment?” with Dr. Mariana Bozesan

Dr. Mariana Bozesan is an Integral Impact Investor and a member of the Club of Rome. In this interview during the Berlin Green Investment Summit, she shared her story and presented her approach. At 09:30 she talks deeply about the climate endowment initiative. 

“Nachhaltige Serverfarmen, DNA Printing & eine neue Landwirtschaft?” with Tom Schulz

Im Rahmen des Berlin Green Investment Summit hat valueDACH Thomas Schulz von der AQAL Group im Interview. Sie haben über folgende Punkte gesprochen: Thomas Schulz und seinen Hintergrund; Assetklassen und konkreten Projekte er als Impact Investor investiert; die Kosteneinsparungen und die Returns, die die Investitionen in energieeffiziente Rechenzentren bringen können.